List of Groups and Users

DocDB Security Groups

These are the security groups withing DocDB and a summary of their permissions. To see the individual members of these groups, see the lists below or click on the group name which will take you to the list.

docdbadmDocDB AdministratorsYesYesYes
neutrinoA general group for nustec, nnic and other nuetrino peopleNoYesYes
nnicNNIC, The Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction CollaborationNoYesYes
nustecNuSTEC DocDB read/write groupNoYesYes
nustecadmNuSTEC DocDB admin groupYesYesYes

DocDB Users By Group

docdbadm has these members:

neutrino has no members.

nnic has no members.

nustec has no members.

nustecadm has these members:

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